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2nd IEEE International Conference on DC Microgrids

http://www.icdcm.co/                                                     (27-29 June 2017 – Nurnberg, Germany)

The Second ICDCM will be held in Germany, a hotbed of dc power technology, following on the heels of a successful first conference in Atlanta, GA, USA in 2015. The conference aims to bring together practitioners and researchers in the field of dc microgrids and related technologies to advance our understanding and capability for endpoint use of dc power. Technical sessions will be arranged around two foci – use of dc at the commercial and industrial scale, MW, and use at the residential scale, kW.


IEEE First International Conference On DC Microgrids

http://www.icdcm.co/                                                                                                           (7-10 June 2015)

As a follow up to the First Conference on Local DC Electricity held in Charleston, SC, March 31st to April 1, 2014, the main purpose of this new conference is to bring together practitioners and researchers in the field of DC Microgrids and related technologies. Our ability to generate, store, and use DC electricity locally without the need for long-range transmission and distribution network enables the possibility for transformational changes in the electricity infrastructure. The use of DC electricity enhances system-wide efficiency. DC microgrids powered by distributed clean energy sources such as solar PV systems can sustainably power the needs of all human beings equitably around the world.

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