2nd IEEE International Conference on DC Microgrids

http://www.icdcm.co/                                                     (27-29 June 2017 – Nurnberg, Germany)

The Second ICDCM will be held in Germany, a hotbed of dc power technology, following on the heels of a successful first conference in Atlanta, GA, USA in 2015. The conference aims to bring together practitioners and researchers in the field of dc microgrids and related technologies to advance our understanding and capability for endpoint use of dc power. Technical sessions will be arranged around two foci – use of dc at the commercial and industrial scale, MW, and use at the residential scale, kW.


Call for papers for SGBC conference – India

First International Conference on Sustainable Green Buildings and Communities (SGBC), focused on DC power, Green homes and buildings and Electric Vehicles, to be held at IIT-Madras, India from Dec. 18-20, 2016.


Does dc Distribution Make Sense?

The June (2016) issue of the IEEE Electrification Magazine is here: “Does dc Distribution Make Sense?”

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June 2016 Features:
– Solar-dc Microgrid for Indian Homes
A transforming power scenario.
– Voltage-Level Selection of Future Two-Level LVdc Distribution Grids
A compromise between grid compatibility, safety, and efficiency.
– DC Local Power Distribution
Technology, deployment, and pathways to success.
– Are Microgrids the Future of Energy?
DC microgrids from concept to demonstration to deployment.
– Next-Generation Shipboard DC Power System
Introducing smart grid and dc microgrid technologies into maritime electrical networks.
– DC Microgrid Protection
Using the coupled-inductor solid-state circuit breaker.

DC current: danger alert?

“The war between pro-AC fans and pro-DC fans has been around forever; ever since the end of the 19th century in fact.

Today, more than ever, the battle is raging! New technologies such as LED, cellphones, photo-voltaic, and electric cars, are becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise we’re witnessing a new major turning point in this AC versus DC battle: the pro-DC (electronic device manufacturer) fans are stepping up to the fight against the pro-AC (electric device manufacturers) who are carrying the flag for AC – which differentiates high and low current.

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Why India is captured by carbon

“India’s leaders are determined to restore economic growth and lift the country’s 1.3 billion citizens out of poverty. But rapid development will require India to double or triple its production of coal – and make it the world’s second largest carbon emitter. Is there any alternative?“

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Smart Grid in India: Charting the Course

India is an emerging economy with great strength, potential and influence. It’s also rife with power sector problems–from electricity theft to mismanagement in the power supply. Tommy Wayne, VP of Meetings with the IEEE Power & Energy Society, explores India’s current electric grid challenges and poses a new course of action: solving problems with technology. Wayne points out that India’s challenges are rather unique–often mired in social anxieties. However, it’s combining private sector advantages with government policies that will move India in a forward direction…

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